Dr. HuaLin Yi

  • Address: Institute of Citrus Science, Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan 430070, China
  • Tel: 86 27 8728 4008 (O)
  • Email: yihualin@mail.hzau.edu.cn


1998 – 2004 Ph.D. Huazhong Agricultural University, Fruit Science, Wuhan, China

1993 – 1996 M.S. Huazhong Agricultural University, Fruit Science, Wuhan, China

1986 – 1990 B.A. Huazhong Agricultural University, Horticulture / Fruit Science, Wuhan, China

Professional Experience

2008 – present Principal scientist of citrus industry, Ministry of Agriculture of China

2007 – present Professor, Huazhong Agricultural University

2002 – 2006 Associate professor, Huazhong Agricultural University

1998 – 2001 Assistant professor, Huazhong Agricultural University

1996 – 1997 Teaching assistant, Huazhong Agricultural University

1990 – 1993 Assistant researcher, Fruit &tea research institute of Hubei Academy of Agricultural Sciences

Program emphasis

Citrus cross hybrid breeding and fruit development regulation mechanism. 1) Cross breeding and selection of bud sports to generate new cultivars by cross breeding, identify bud mutant germplasm and selection of excellent bud mutant; 2) Omics-based approaches to reveal genetics of citrus bud mutant of ripening, and to exploit ripening related pathways and genes.

Selected publications ( * Corresponding author )
  • 1. Wu Juxun, Zheng Saisai, Feng Guizhi, Yi Hualin * (2016) Comparative Analysis of miRNAs and Their Target Transcripts between a Spontaneous Late-Ripening Sweet Orange Mutant and Its Wild-Type Using Small RNA and Degradome Sequencing. Frontiers in Plant Science. 7 1416
  • 2. Wu J., Fu L., Yi H. * (2016) Genome-Wide Identification of the Transcription Factors Involved in Citrus Fruit Ripening from the Transcriptomes of a Late-Ripening Sweet Orange Mutant and Its Wild Type. PLoS One. 11 e0154330
  • 3. Wang Xiaohua, Yin Wu, Wu Juxun, Chai Lijun, Yi Hualin * (2016) Effects of exogenous abscisic acid on the expression of citrus fruit ripening-related genes and fruit ripening. Scientia Horticulturae. 201 175-183
  • 4. Zhang Ya-Jian, Wang Xing-Jian, Wu Ju-Xun, Chen Shan-Yan, Chen Hong, Chai Li-Jun, Yi Hua-Lin * (2015) Comparative Transcriptome Analyses between a Spontaneous Late-Ripening Sweet Orange Mutant and Its Wild Type Suggest the Functions of ABA, Sucrose and JA during Citrus Fruit Ripening. PLoS One. 9 e116056
  • 5. Wu J., Xu Z., Zhang Y., Chai L., Yi H. *, Deng X (2014) An integrative analysis of the transcriptome and proteome of the pulp of a spontaneous late-ripening sweet orange mutant and its wild type improves our understanding of fruit ripening in citrus. J Exp Bot. 65 1651-1671
  • 6. Wu Juxun, Su Shiying, Fu Lili, Zhang Yajian, Chai Lijun, Yi Hualin * (2014) Selection of reliable reference genes for gene expression studies using quantitative real-time PCR in navel orange fruit development and pummelo floral organs. Scientia Horticulturae. 176 180-188
  • 7. Da Xinlei, Yu Keqin, Shen Shihui, Zhang Yajian, Wu Juxun, Yi Hualin* (2012) Identification of differentially expressed genes in a spontaneous altered leaf shape mutant of the navel orange [Citrus sinensis (L.) Osbeck]. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 56 97-103
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