Dr. Gang Fan

  • Address: Institute of Citrus Science, Huazhong Agricultural University,Wuhan 430070, China
  • Tel: 86 15827563218 (O)
  • Email: fangang@mail.hzau.edu.cn


2004 – 2010 Ph.D. Huazhong Agricultural University, Food Science, Wuhan, China

2000 – 2004 B.A. Huazhong Agricultural University, Food Science and Engineering, Wuhan, China

Professional Experience

2013 – present Associate professor, Huazhong Agricultural University

2010 – 2012 Lecturer, Huazhong Agricultural University

Program emphasis

Food science and flavor chemistry. 1) Changes of characteristic aroma compounds during food processing. 2) Biotransformation of plant essential oil and volatile compounds. 3) Health cha

Selected publications ( * Corresponding author )
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